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Welcome to Fredericia

Welcome to Fredericia. On this page you will find information about working and living here

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About Fredericia
We are located in the heart of the country, in the middle of nature and in the middle of the Triangle Region growth centre. This provides a number of opportunities for you and your family.

Work in Fredericia
We have a strong business community with the presence of some of Denmark's largest international companies. Furthermore if you live here, 500,000 fulltime jobs are reachable within a 1 hour drive by car.

Live in Fredericia
We have a lot to offer whether you are young, older, single or a family with children. Here you can settle down and enjoy the benefit of being close to nature, culture, shops, jobs and a strong local community.

Explore Fredericia
Fredericia offers many recreational activities, events and associations. Whether you are looking for sports, social clubs, events or other activities, you have a fantastic range of choices when deciding what to do here in your spare time.

Rental housing

We have many opportunities both for private rental and public utility housing.

If you are looking for rental housing there is a good chance that one of our housing organisations can help you.

Boligkontoret Fredericia

Day cares and schools

We have well-functioning day cares, nurseries and kindergartens, 4 public schools, 4 private schools and 1 school for children with special needs.

An International school and day care center only 40 minutes drive away.

Furthermore we offer all the upper secondary educations and a couple excellent higher educations.

Childcare 0-6 years
Schools 6-19 years

Language education

If you wish to attend Danish language courses
please contact Jobcenter Fredericia.
Address: Sjællandsgade 31, 7000 Fredericia
Phone: +45 7210 7000. Mail:

International citizens

Check out our newcomer brochure:
Fredericia in the heart of Denmark

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Driving licence

Driving licence
Learn about driving in Denmark with a foreign driving licence, when you must exchange the foreign driving licence for a Danish one and how you apply for a visitor's driving licence.