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School 6-19 years

The Danish school system

In Denmark there is ten years of compulsory education (0.-9.class in Folkeskolen).
The Danish school system is divided in three stages:

  • Primary and lower secondary education (Folkeskolen or private schools)
  • Upper secondary education (ungdomsuddannelser)
  • Higher education (videregående uddannelser)
Primary and lower secondary education

The municipal primary and lower secondary schools, Folkeskolen, offer schooling for all children aged 6-16. The Folkeskole consists of a pre-school class, nine years of primary and lower secondary education and an optional year 10.

The pre-school class (børnehaveklasse) is obligatory, and represents the transition from kindergarten or daycare activities to primary school.
Most Danish children attend the municipal primary and lower secondary school, which is free of charge. But there are also a number of private and independent schools where parents pay tuition fees.
You can read more about primary and lower secondary education in Denmark at the Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality’s website in English.

Upper secondary education

Upper secondary education covers 2 to 5 years of education. There are 3 choices for 16-19 year-olds covered by the term Youth Education Programmes (Ungdomsuddannelser):

  • General Upper Secondary School
  • Technical and Commercial Upper Secondary School
  • Vocational Education and Training

Youth Education Programmes provide the student with various levels of vocational training as well as educational and personal qualifications.

You can read more about upper secondary education in Denmark at the Ministry for Children, Education and Gender Equality’s website in English

Here you will also find information about higher education and universities.

The school system in Fredericia

In Fredericia each school is organized in different departments of either 0.-6. class or 7.-9. class located on different locations within the same district. 
This gives lots of parallel classes in each year and opportunities for interaction. In 7.-9. class the children can choose between multiple lines with focus on different subjects like; globalization, innovation, science, sports or design. Each school offers different lines.
Your child automatically belongs to the school district in which you live, but you are free to choose between the municipality’s schools if there are any free places. 
You are always welcome to contact the school in your local area for an appointment to go for a visit before signing up
The schools offer different after school activities and youth clubs. At the school they will inform you and your child about all these options.
Fredericia also have a couple of private schools. You can contact them for more information about how to enroll a child.

If your child does not speak Danish
If your child does not speak Danish and is soon to start at a public school in Fredericia, you may have some considerations and questions beforehand. You are very welcome to contact your child’s new school to make an appointment for a meeting. If you wish to enroll your child, you also need to contact the school directly. You will find contact information at the school’s website.

If you have any questions regarding the school area in general, please contact Department of children and Youth by phone +45 7210 7415 or by email

In close cooperation with you, we will make sure your child gets the perfect entry into the Danish school system.

Upper secondary education in Fredericia

Fredericia offers a variety of upper secondary educations:
Fredericia Gymnasium
The STX and HF programmes consist of a broad range of subjects in the fields of the humanities, natural science and social science.
Fredericia Gymnasium 
IBC – International Business College
The HHX programme focuses on business and socio-economic disciplines in combination with foreign languages and other general subjects.
International Business College 
EUC Lillebælt
The HTX programme has its focus on technological and scientific subjects in combination with general subjects.

The EUX programme is an individualised basic vocational education and training programme that is geared towards both employment and continued education.
EUC Lillebælt 
Basic Health Care College
The College trains personnel for the healthcare and child care fields through different study programmes, based on a mix of theory and practice.
Basic Health Care College 
Feel free to contact the schools for more information or if you want to visit the school before signing up.

Higher Educations

Read more about the different higher educations in Fredericia